COVID-19 Operations/Production Guidelines


  • Any staff member experiencing symptoms of acute respiratory illness shall stay home (examples include but are not limited dry cough, fever/chills, cough, headache, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, new muscle pain). No physician note is required for those experiencing these symptoms. 
  • All staff shall remain at least 6’ft. apart 
  • All staff members will be provided two face masks, and gloves
  • All staff will participate in daily “pre-work meeting” to encourage adherence and offer clarification to all cleaning, sanitation and health risk guidelines. 
  • Wear masks to minimize contamination. 

Operations Procedures (lower exposure risk)

  • Management will promote hand-washing and respiratory etiquette (cover mouth when talking, sneezing, coughing, etc.) of staff members. 
  • Encourage staff to utilize and perform work responsibilities within one workstation. 
  • All staff will avoid congregating (maintain 6ft distance). 
  • If an employee discloses and/or is experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 during their on-site shift, management will permit employee’s temporary dismissal. 
  • Face masks may be removed only when an individual is in isolation and/or said individual is outside a 6 ft. radius of another staff member or client. 
  • Department Leads are required to clean and sanitize workstations with provided gloves before lunch breaks and at the end of the daily shift. 

Operation Common Areas (medium exposure risk)

  • Management and/or Leads will enforce the 6 ft. social distancing of employees. 
  • Management and/or Leads will arrange staggered employee lunches and breaks. 
  • Management and/or Leads will re-configure break/lunch rooms to encourage open spaces between tables and chairs Management and/or Leads will encourage the use of open or unoccupied workstations as makeshift lunch/break areas. 
  • Management and/or Leads will encourage staff to bring a lunch to work as departure of the building may require screening upon re-entry. 

Work Vehicles / Deliveries (medium exposure risk)

  • Drivers will wear face masks and gloves during all deliveries and within any public spaces. 
  • Staff will promote “contactless” delivery for clients and rely on electronic evidence for documentation. 
  • All delivery staff are encouraged to remain in their vehicle while waiting for client contact. 
  • Staff will promote a pre-determined “wait” time with clients. After the specified amount of time has allotted with no contact from the client, staff may complete their delivery, electronically document the delivery and depart. 
  • Staff will encourage a digital signature or an email receipt for the transfer of equipment. 
  • Dispatch will manage decontamination stations for drivers either outside the building or in an isolated area within building. 
  • Staff will follow decontamination guidelines before returning to a standard work area. 
  • Wipe down and sanitize the cab of company vehicles at the end of each delivery (if changing vehicles), or end of shift. 


  • All staff are required to follow cleaning and sanitizing guidelines of their work area before departure. All Management/Leads will ensure areas are cleaned effectively before staff dismissal. 
  • All disposable gloves and masks (if not assigned), shall be disposed in one bin, for destruction, at the end of each shift. 
  • All Management/Leads will encourage staff to wash or sanitize their hands before they leave the building. 

Equipment Procedures

  • Unload all gear outside the shop
  • Spray the outside of all cases with Lysol
  • Disinfect and wipe off all equipment (as needed)
  • wipe off all high touch surfaces
  • Put equipment in the 26ft truck for 2 days