EA Services

The services we provide

Audio- at EA we understand that the message you hope to communicate must be clearly understood by every person in the audience. On that principle we put the utmost attention to detail in designing sound systems that are properly designed for each event space and run by professionally trained sound engineers.  

Visual- not all messages can be communicated through a single word, or as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. At EA we have invested in the most current projection technology to help bring the stimulating visuals of your presentation to life.  In addition to presentation technology, we also have state of the art cameras to add image magnification, recording, webcasting or pre/post production work.

Lighting is a tool that can be used for various applications: to focus the audience’s attention, to add color and vibrancy or maybe, simply, to help the audience see.  At EA we put a great amount of emphasis into understanding the needs and objectives of every event and through of that attention to detail every show is custom designed to fit all the parameters and objectives of the event.

Creative services can be defined to be anything from conceptual design, to PowerPoint (Keynote), pre/post video production, scenic, lighting and production deisgn. At Event Architects we are well stocked with state of the art creative "toys" and staffed with an award winning creative team to help conceptualize, configure and execute the best look for your event.