About EA

about us

Jeff, chief operating officer, joined Event Architects in February of 2012 to help oversee company logistics and long-term strategic goals.  Jeff’s hobbies include electronics, amateur radio, trains and audiovisual work. One could even say Jeff lives and breathes AV.   Jeff has managed a broad variety of events in various venues from the Las Vegas Convention Center to a flat bed tractor-trailer.  He has received various certifications from various organizations, such as infoComm. 

Jason, senior video systems engineer, has over 15 years experience in planning and implementing video systems for small to large-scale events.   Jason is well versed in various pieces of equipment and is certified by Barco to operate their equipment.  When Jason is not designing video systems, you can find him out in the wilderness, camping, hiking and exploring nature.

Mike, senior audio engineer, has been working in the AV industry for about 15 years. His expertise and forte has primarily been in audio, but he also has ample experience in many other disciplines.  When Mike’s not working he is probably SCUBA diving, shooting, rappelling or just hanging out with some friends and having a few beers.

Patrick, senior creative director, has spent over twenty years in a variety of creative event design roles. He is highly experienced in scenic, lighting, conceptual and video design. Patrick is an award-winning designer who has received coverage in multiple national publications. He is well-versed in many forms of creative media from 3D animation to photo editing and has a long list of certifications from internationally recognized organizations. In his spare time he enjoys writing, playing sports and traveling.

Joe, senior production manager, has been working in AV for 15 years and, in that time, he has become proficient in a diverse range of skillsets that enable him to plug-and-play into any role for any event. You can find joe driving lifts, color-matching LED walls and mic’ing up talent — all while working on pre production for the next show. In his free time Joe enjoys cycling, retro gaming and watching hockey.

Marianne, production manager and accounting, has been in the industry for 12 years. Logistics are her thing; organizing, coordinating and executing. She loves to work closely with each client to design and implement the best solutions for their individual needs. In the off hours, Marianne enjoys catching a Giants or Sharks game, concerts, and spending time with her daughters and friends. We won’t mention her passion for Disneyland.

Todd, production manager and audio engineer, started learning about AV in 5th grade, pushing filmstrip and 16mm projectors around his elementary school. He began his career in 1985, working as the AV night manager while attending junior college. In 2000, after freelancing for over 10 years, he took a full-time position in Silicon Valley, which he held for 17 years before coming to work at EA. His skills include broadcast audio engineering, large scale sound system design, production design/management and technical direction. He also has a solid foundation in projection, video switching, camera work and lighting. In his spare time, he moonlights as a professional musician/technical director for a national touring artist.

James, warehouse manager, has been working with AV equipment as far back as grade school. He expanded his skills and knowledge throughout high school and college and now coordinates and maintains EA equipment to ensure all of the events run smoothly and without issue. In his free time he enjoys building computers, hanging out with friends, and taking in the outdoors.

Marcus, production manager, surrendered to curiosities calling twelve years ago, dusting off a neglected light board and transforming a dull event space into a concert hall. Since, he has refined his lighting techniques and expanded his palette to include some of this favorite projects: pixel mapping a golf cart, lighting Booker T and designing a masked wresting show. Beyond the daily grind of the office, Marcus is an accomplished cyclist and avid outdoorsman.

John, retired founder, started Event Architects out of his garage in 1990 after leaving his position at Apple Computer.   Building on the skills he developed at Apple and business school, John built Event Architects on the core principle that customer service should be at the apex of any business model- and 22 years later, that is still the model.   Twenty years ago John spent his off time snowboarding or paragliding, but now he proudly spends his free time with his wife and two sons.